Monday, May 19, 2008

Birds of the same feather

It took me a while to blog again.
Yes, the salad didn't kill me - obviously.. Too bad evil wishers :)
Two weekends have passed and there were missed opportunities for spilling beans of spicy blunders.
But spilling beans would get myself in a mess as well so I decided to be a good girl tonight and merely blog about other stuff up my aged sleeves -at my expense (duh, whoelse's?).

So..Here's a question for ya..
How do you know you've grown old?
The answer could be as easy as cake..
But how do you know you're not the only one who's grown old?
My answer:
When you go on a night out with friends and all of you start yawning after each other..

Yes, unfortunately for my friends and I (you know who you are witches!), we've sadly accepted the fact that eyeing the guys in the bars could land us in court with the likelihood of 1/1.

I was out on Saturday night for a movie date with two friends and then decided to go to the usual places girls would go for a drink.
The three of us just sat there and in no less than half an hour or so, yup you guessed it- started yawning and looking at our watches. Don't get me wrong, I love their company, it just so happens that we've grown too old for this sort of stuff.

There's this overused adage that says "Birds of the same feather flock together"..
Now that is old. Being the self-confessed internet addict that I am I have my own li'l words o' wisdom to throw.

I say "Birds of the same feather stumble together."

I am not referring to the word stumble as a metaphor though. I am talking about the next best thing to whatever it is you use to surf the net with. Forget Google- they too've grown old.. Stumble Upon is excellent -I'd give it a million thumbs up if I had the extra thumbs..And by all means, don't just take it from me, check it for yourself.

And contrary to the saying "Curiosity killed the cat" I say, DIE. The internet is a worldwide buffet of lively, unexpected, smart and creative stuff. You'll miss out on a million genius things if you haven't stumbled yet.

Bollocks, I should get paid for this ad!