Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oddity of the week

Crazy. That word would be an understatement for the week that's about to end.
There were booboos after booboos, never ending projects but nothing beats the earplugs. Yes, earplugs- two tiny plastic tubes that are the new lifesavers- at least for those in my household and the nearby areas.

I've been living like a stoned zombie and everynight would be hell for me. The saddistic construction workers love pounding and working all night 'till you die.

I have been living like this for weeks and it's finally took it's toll.

The worst thing about the noises at night is that they're just repetitious.
10 times worse than a broken record and 20 times worse than wearing the wrong pair of shoes to the mall. Don't even ask..

The windows couldn't block the sound from entering; they weren't the sound proof type. Note to self: only use sound proof windows; for your own sake and for your neighbors' sake; especially during "Friday night fevers".

My mom took pity on me for my sleep deprivations and decided to call the project Engineer. A jolt of thought to myself- finally my mom's gonna complain and let them pay!

For those of you who don't know my mother yet; don't worry, you will, eventually..

My mom's got these super powers that could give vendors, cab drivers, carpenters and doctors a run for their money.

She's just fearless which I admire and most of the people never say no to her.
The only exception were the earplugs.

She called the engineer with an odd request.
"Can you buy us earplugs?". Earplugs?? Way to go ma. It's been 2 days already but no earplugs and so pops bought me a pair in the mall. We went to the mall to go earplug hunting. Funny, I would have bought those for myself but pops insisted. It was just THE answer to all my prayers.

So now I felt so happy coming home with the brand new earplugs and the whole vicinity was deafeningly quiet! Hey, unfair. Nobody pounded and squeaking cement maker wasn't going out of whack either.

I grew to love the idea of earplugs; now that I couldn't wait to use them and it's zip.

Bummer. This just cracks me up. Life's got a GREAT sense of humor. So much for those earplugs, and so much for tonight. Moral of the story? Use sound proof windows.