Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ipod Touch Art

I stumbled upon the Brushes Gallery in Flickr and got amused to see some funny, weird, ingenious art made by iPhone and iPod Touch users using Brushes App. Enjoy.

"My Sweet Baby" by La Legra Negra

"Francie" by Sophy333

Monday, January 26, 2009

Twisted Logos

Stumbled upon these logos and sharing them for humor's sake.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The root of all weirdness

Some children were born "with a silver spoon" while I on the other hand "with a swallowed pin". Yes, a pin- not just an ordinary pin but a diaper pin. People used the old fashioned diapers which we call lampin instead of the disposable ones.

This was the start of my weird transformation; the
inauguration of my weird magnetic powers.

Powers that attract uncanny, embarrassing, humiliating and strange circumstances in my life. The kind of incidents you wouldn't tell your friends, your date, boyfriend, future husband, kids or priest for the fear that they might think you've got lose screws up that nutty head and might end up spraying you with holy water.

I was born the youngest of four children and the only girl. My brother before me was born on April 1 (April fool's day) but I guess, all at magnetism drew the curse on me instead.

My parents were so thrilled to see me finally born. Everybody in our neighborhood - aunties and uncles would stop by my crib and play with me. They were so happy to see a healthy baby girl finally arrive in our home. They were so overjoyed up until that fateful pin incident; without knowing what baby they were even about to deal with.

To make the legendary story short, my nanny just put me down for about 1 minute to get something when all of a sudden got petrified to see me swallow my diaper pin. She immediately alerted my parents, granma, uncles, aunties and the rest of the town.

The doctor was a bit disconcerted but more amused at the thought that a baby just swallowed a pin with the whole town talking.

To be sure, an X-Ray was taken and pin was seen right inside my stomach. I wonder if my mom still has it- that thing's worth great sentimental value in our town!

"Is it out yet?", inquired everybody as I was just left on the crib to do the "number 2". An hour went by, nothing happened. It was like THE most thrilling movie- everyone couldn't help but ask and check on me. Two hours finally rolled and suddenly after a diaper check, my mom
startlingly announced "It's out!".

"Yeah!", everyone rejoiced in our little home that day. They celebrated the end to the dreadful nightmare with laugher and jokes. It was bigger than the town fiesta and better than sex-people got a huge dose of adrenalin that day.

So that's the end of the legendary pin story..little did they know that it was only the start and the root of all weirdness. It was a good thing I was too young to remember or even care- otherwise I would've ended up hiding my face for the rest of the year!

Moral of the story? Forget the past and accept your fate- as weird as it may be.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oddity of the week

Crazy. That word would be an understatement for the week that's about to end.
There were booboos after booboos, never ending projects but nothing beats the earplugs. Yes, earplugs- two tiny plastic tubes that are the new lifesavers- at least for those in my household and the nearby areas.

I've been living like a stoned zombie and everynight would be hell for me. The saddistic construction workers love pounding and working all night 'till you die.

I have been living like this for weeks and it's finally took it's toll.

The worst thing about the noises at night is that they're just repetitious.
10 times worse than a broken record and 20 times worse than wearing the wrong pair of shoes to the mall. Don't even ask..

The windows couldn't block the sound from entering; they weren't the sound proof type. Note to self: only use sound proof windows; for your own sake and for your neighbors' sake; especially during "Friday night fevers".

My mom took pity on me for my sleep deprivations and decided to call the project Engineer. A jolt of thought to myself- finally my mom's gonna complain and let them pay!

For those of you who don't know my mother yet; don't worry, you will, eventually..

My mom's got these super powers that could give vendors, cab drivers, carpenters and doctors a run for their money.

She's just fearless which I admire and most of the people never say no to her.
The only exception were the earplugs.

She called the engineer with an odd request.
"Can you buy us earplugs?". Earplugs?? Way to go ma. It's been 2 days already but no earplugs and so pops bought me a pair in the mall. We went to the mall to go earplug hunting. Funny, I would have bought those for myself but pops insisted. It was just THE answer to all my prayers.

So now I felt so happy coming home with the brand new earplugs and the whole vicinity was deafeningly quiet! Hey, unfair. Nobody pounded and squeaking cement maker wasn't going out of whack either.

I grew to love the idea of earplugs; now that I couldn't wait to use them and it's zip.

Bummer. This just cracks me up. Life's got a GREAT sense of humor. So much for those earplugs, and so much for tonight. Moral of the story? Use sound proof windows.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why oh why?

"Why weirder than fiction?" you might think when I haven't even written anything weird-worthy or strange.. as yet.
Well, I've always been this independent, low key girl growing up and most of the time I would get myself into uncanny experiences and I thought blogging about them would help make this world a better place.

Better in the sense that more people could learn from my embarrassing mistakes and make more embarrassing ones of their own.

The first few entries, in lack of better words- are merely forewords or intros so you can get a glimpse into the life of this nut who calls herself youroyalweirdness.

I guess that word (weird) resonates with me more than - sexy or shy..

Those just didn't 'call' to me.

I am currently compiling my shenanigans and getting the facts straight as admittedly, my memory gets distorted after years of trying to forget the humiliation they brought.

So.. there it is. Now you know.

and THAT's........


Friday, September 26, 2008

Vehicles ♂ and ♀ want

This is me in work mode.

I know, how- what's the word for this - tame?

To those who don't know what I "do" yet, please refer to my second blog post 'coz I'm too lazy to explain. This was an article I recently finished which hasn't been made public on the web- yet. I couldn't resist the urge of sharing this. These days, someone close to me (a guy), is in a car mania. And what a better and timely way of explaning this car mania than through this article which I unintentionally wrote.

We’ve seen how vehicles evolved through the pictures in history books and museums. They had different forms and functions. However, function wasn’t the only important factor to designers and consumers. Aesthetics and style played crucial and constant roles as well.

Ancient civilizations have started the tradition of designing and embellishing their chariots, wagons and other ancient forms of transportation. Egyptian chariots of gold and silver decorated with date palm branches, animals and other motifs were the most preferred.

Today we see how different people especially the men, choose to buy cars with slick wheels and other parts and accessories. The whole craze is absolutely nothing new and as the famous saying among men goes- “you don’t drive a car, you wear it”. A car can magnify a lot, if not all of the traits of its owners and here some of those clues.

  • For the women, safety, reliability and value are at the top of their list while men prefer performance, power and style.

According to Imre Molnar, dean of College for Creative Studies (Detroit), men’s desire to showcase power and aggression with the vehicles they drive stems from an “animal nature”. They dress up their vehicles as if it’s “mating season,” he quips. Molnar further elaborates that these attributes of masculine, big wheels, flush or protruding wheel faces and high “shoulder line” and taut lines can be found in most vehicles men drive today. Predator-looking vehicles that sit higher at the back have the “ready to pounce” look and this has become very common among sedans. At the top of the list are vehicles made for looking good and going fast or as Molnar calls them “testosterone show-off devices”.

  • Studies, however, prove that most women prefer vehicles that are understated, opulent and with a comfy interior.

“Ease of entry and useful interior storage, including space for a purse, are elements that make vehicles especially attractive to women,” states Brigid O’Kane, a design professor and coordinator of the Transportation Design Track program at the University of Cincinnati.

  • To create a distinctive look, women wear jewelry, high-end fashion and expensive handbags rather than cars while men create an image of wealth and influence by the cars they “wear”.
  • Buying used vs. buying new: While men are most likely to buy used vehicles if they can’t buy the flashy new one, women are prone to settle for a new affordable car rather than their dream model.
  • In general, men are more willing to sacrifice a smooth ride for sharp handling than women or to overlook an impractical cargo arrangement for an engine more pep, experts say.
  • Strategic Vision’s new-vehicle experience study shows that 31 percent of men said driving is one of their favorite things to do, while only 18 percent of women said the same.
  • According to the experts, SUVs with a “big and powerful” look resonates with men, while small, inexpensive vehicles are preferred by women.

So now you’ve got clues on what vehicles most men and women want. These studies and indicators fairly explain what vehicles both sexes prefer to drive or “wear.”

Friday, September 19, 2008

How '80s' are you?

I Love The 80's

Year of birth: 1980
Favorite 80s cartoon characters: Carebears, Rainbow Bright!..Thundercats..
Favorite 80s singer: Madonna (La Isla Bonita!)

Favorite 80s dance hit: The Name Game! (..banana fanna foe!.. moe..)

Favorite 80s song: Video Killed The Radio Star - I think this was also the very first music video aired on MTV
Favorite 80s music video: Thriller (it scared me alot)

Favorite 80s TV series: Perfect Strangers, The Golden Girls, Punky Brewster, Beauty & the Beast (in no particular order)

Favorite 80s looks/outfits: rubber shoes, studded cuffs, jeans/leggings w/ a bandanna tied on one leg, pig tails, transformer watch (in red!), short hair w/ bangs, big lense shades!

Favorite 80s movie: The Mannequin (..nothing's gonna stop us now..)

Favorite 80s party scene: In-house Disco!

Favorite 80s radio station: Y101

Favorite 80s hang-outs: Robinson's, Gaw, Conney Island (only on Sundays)