Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hi.. At the crib again enjoying the cool night breeze. I must admit, thinking about what to blog about is like picking a sheep on the sheep market and wondering what to do with it. But don't get me wrong here, I kinda love the idea.. I mean 10,000 sheep drawings? ..I KNOW, RIGHT?

Tomorrow I work as a Marketing Associate for a vehicle trading company and it's been a fun ride to say the very least. A lot of things have been happening that helped made me grow. Like I couldn't get over the other day when an officemate of mine explained to me about the word Lobotomy. I have never come across such a word in my life and was grateful for the extra points it added to my dwindling IQ. It's definition in wikipedia is just as uncanny as the word sounds - in the city where I come from, people's eyebrows could get raised , or worse, you could get slapped when using it in a conversation. Guys, don't say this -especially to girls from my area.. You'll know why.


Joann said...

so where have you located to?


Maya -AKA-Your Royal Weirdness said...

hi joann, i meant to say that i have relocated my blog to this site :) Thanks for dropping by.

Ian said...

loved the sheep market.. cool!

Maya -AKA-Your Royal Weirdness said...

Amen to that ian.