Friday, September 19, 2008

How '80s' are you?

I Love The 80's

Year of birth: 1980
Favorite 80s cartoon characters: Carebears, Rainbow Bright!..Thundercats..
Favorite 80s singer: Madonna (La Isla Bonita!)

Favorite 80s dance hit: The Name Game! (..banana fanna foe!.. moe..)

Favorite 80s song: Video Killed The Radio Star - I think this was also the very first music video aired on MTV
Favorite 80s music video: Thriller (it scared me alot)

Favorite 80s TV series: Perfect Strangers, The Golden Girls, Punky Brewster, Beauty & the Beast (in no particular order)

Favorite 80s looks/outfits: rubber shoes, studded cuffs, jeans/leggings w/ a bandanna tied on one leg, pig tails, transformer watch (in red!), short hair w/ bangs, big lense shades!

Favorite 80s movie: The Mannequin (..nothing's gonna stop us now..)

Favorite 80s party scene: In-house Disco!

Favorite 80s radio station: Y101

Favorite 80s hang-outs: Robinson's, Gaw, Conney Island (only on Sundays)