Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The root of all weirdness

Some children were born "with a silver spoon" while I on the other hand "with a swallowed pin". Yes, a pin- not just an ordinary pin but a diaper pin. People used the old fashioned diapers which we call lampin instead of the disposable ones.

This was the start of my weird transformation; the
inauguration of my weird magnetic powers.

Powers that attract uncanny, embarrassing, humiliating and strange circumstances in my life. The kind of incidents you wouldn't tell your friends, your date, boyfriend, future husband, kids or priest for the fear that they might think you've got lose screws up that nutty head and might end up spraying you with holy water.

I was born the youngest of four children and the only girl. My brother before me was born on April 1 (April fool's day) but I guess, all at magnetism drew the curse on me instead.

My parents were so thrilled to see me finally born. Everybody in our neighborhood - aunties and uncles would stop by my crib and play with me. They were so happy to see a healthy baby girl finally arrive in our home. They were so overjoyed up until that fateful pin incident; without knowing what baby they were even about to deal with.

To make the legendary story short, my nanny just put me down for about 1 minute to get something when all of a sudden got petrified to see me swallow my diaper pin. She immediately alerted my parents, granma, uncles, aunties and the rest of the town.

The doctor was a bit disconcerted but more amused at the thought that a baby just swallowed a pin with the whole town talking.

To be sure, an X-Ray was taken and pin was seen right inside my stomach. I wonder if my mom still has it- that thing's worth great sentimental value in our town!

"Is it out yet?", inquired everybody as I was just left on the crib to do the "number 2". An hour went by, nothing happened. It was like THE most thrilling movie- everyone couldn't help but ask and check on me. Two hours finally rolled and suddenly after a diaper check, my mom
startlingly announced "It's out!".

"Yeah!", everyone rejoiced in our little home that day. They celebrated the end to the dreadful nightmare with laugher and jokes. It was bigger than the town fiesta and better than sex-people got a huge dose of adrenalin that day.

So that's the end of the legendary pin story..little did they know that it was only the start and the root of all weirdness. It was a good thing I was too young to remember or even care- otherwise I would've ended up hiding my face for the rest of the year!

Moral of the story? Forget the past and accept your fate- as weird as it may be.

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